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"Me, i'm a creator. Thrill is to make it up."

I grew up in Memphis, TN where I had a unique upbringing within a highly creative community. From a very young age, I was involved in creative work, performing arts and large musical productions. At 10 years old, I had my first significant role where I performed in front of an audience of 7,000 people. That experience did it. I was hooked. I loved it all. The creative process, the development and rehearsal, and of course, the performance. I couldn't get enough. Those days woke up an inner creator, an artist, a musician and an aspiring producer, though I wouldn't have had the courage to call myself those things until much later. The arts shaped how I see the world, and photography is just one of the many mediums I love using to create.

After over a decade of shooting (mainly family sessions), my work has developed and grown (and is still growing!) into something I am truly proud to offer. I shoot lifestyle, product, newborn, couples, events, Story Sessions (an offering that serves in a therapeutic way for those working through their personal stories) and finally, in 2021, I began the exciting work of filmmaking. Thank you for being here! I'm glad to meet you and create something beautiful together.


"The most potent muse of all is our own inner child." 
-Stephen Nachmanovitch

For long as I can remember, i've seen the world and the people in it through the lens of a movie. As a teenager, I would love going to one of my friends homes to spend the night because she had cable and I didn't. We'd stay up watching music videos on VH1 and MTV, and even after she went to sleep, i'd keep going. I loved watching the stories and conceptual art through imagery and music. It stuck with me. I still see scenes and motion. I see the drama and symbolism in everyday life. I see the micro-moments within a bigger narrative, and this has greatly influenced the way that I create.

My style can be best described as movie stills. I see movement, I hear soundtracks in my mind as I shoot, and I help to create not just one moment, but but a whole scene. My photographs reflect that. They show full humanity in story form. And I have worked hard to embrace my full humanity. I will laugh with you, tear up with you, listen to you, celebrate with you and see you. I'm a mom of two, so I have endless patience with your little ones. I've been into the depths of grief and pain, fear and loss, joy and redemption, and the celebration of hope, so I can go there with you. With me, you will get images that capture real smiles, genuine laughs, and authentic moments, but presented in a way that a documentary filmmaker might produce your story. Your life isn't a music-less, posed, millisecond frozen in time. It is a whole live-action drama with it's own soundtrack, and it's a story that deserves to be told.



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$ 300

family, engagement, newborn, couples, senior pictures and more.


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family, fall photos, couples, special occasions, summer sunflower sessions and more.



a narrative-based, artful and custom-created experience in the form of therapeutic photojournalism and conceptual fine art photography. 



lifestyle, product, intimate weddings, events, styled shoots, headshots and other creative projects.


"Amanda is amazing to work with. She was patient and efficient with my crazy crew. I was blown away with what we were able to get done in a half hour mini session! Loved the images!"

-Rebecca L.

"It is so hard finding someone you can trust to catch all the special moments on your wedding day, but the photos Amanda took for us came out better than we could have ever imagined. She caught every intimate moment, beautifully, with style, and we will forever cherish these photos."

-Kristina R

"My son moves through life in a wheelchair and I am always amazed at how Amanda is able to capture our family just as we are! The sessions are laidback and fun (and also very quick, which is important with young children). She is creative and artistic and has taken some of my most treasured family photos!"

-Lizzy B.

"Amanda has captured the biggest moments in my family's lives from our wedding to 2 newborns, and the years in between. She consistently blows us away with the shots she gets that so perfectly capture the essence of our family (which comes from her ability to connect with people and make them feel comfortable). Our walls and holiday cards are filled with these moments in time that we can share with ones we love. I couldn't put into words what these photos mean to us now, or the happiness I know they will bring us down the road all thanks to Amanda."

-Jen S.

"We've been taking family pictures with Amanda for years. They are always our favorite photos. She makes us feel so comfortable. I'm always shocked at the pictures she captures in the midst of so much craziness (my three kids)."

-Suzanne S. 




I serve Raleigh-Durham and all areas surrounding the Triangle. I am glad to travel for all quote-based work.